Spring Cleaning Seconds Sale

Spring is officially here, and so too is the season to do some spring cleaning. We have done our fair share at our studios already - dusting, painting, cleaning, reorganizing. And now we need some help clearing out some of our seconds to make room for our summer inventory! We invite you to our clean studios to see our hard work and to enjoy 50% off all seconds. Please note you will only receive this discount when paying with cash and is in-store only.  

The Spring Cleaning Seconds Sale starts this Monday, April 30, and will run through May 12th.

For those of you who may not be familiar with what our seconds are, here is a brief explanation: More often than we like, a piece will develop a flaw at one stage in the process – a crack, glaze that is too thick or thin, warped edges, over or under crystallized glaze. Although it is heartbreaking to us, we have many fans of these “flawed” pieces - people who happily give them a home, adding them to their collections. We call these slightly imperfect pieces Seconds and sell them at discounted prices (depending on the flaw) in our studios in Yarmouth & Boothbay Harbor.

Even after we explain the flaws, quite often we hear our customers say that they still don't know why they are seconds or would have never known. You can find some real gems. And if you are looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift we may have the answer! 

Please see our Ae Home store page for our hours.