Product Care
If treated well our ceramics are meant to last for generations to come. If they can survive the rigors of restaurant life, it should last a lifetime in your home. 

Although ceramics are delicate in nature, we use a porcelaneous stoneware, made purposefully thicker than chinaware to withstand daily use. They are dishwasher, microwave, and food safe (lead-free). If oysters Rockefeller is your desire, our pieces can withstand oven temperatures, but must be warmed with the oven so as to avoid thermal shock.  

Glaze Variations
Due to the nature of our glazes and the multitude of variables in the ceramic making process, our glazes do evolve and change over time. While we strive for consistency, we also embrace the uniqueness that time and process lend to our products.  If you prefer to have pieces as a “matching set” we encourage you to order the pieces at the same time so we can glaze and fire your order together.