Shellfish Shucker Roll Up

Shellfish Shucker Roll Up


Tie up everything you need to shuck oysters & clams with this beautiful tan leather wrap. With eight pockets, you can grow your collection to fit all your shucking needs.

This set includes:

Little Neck Clam Knife: A favorite of many clammers, the stainless steel blade has a sharpened edge for opening and rounded tip to fit gently against the thumb.

Damariscotta Shucker: Designed to meet the high standards of professional shuckers, these knives make simple work for the occasional shucker as well. The blade is pointed, requiring little force to ease into the hinge and twist the shells open.

Leather Wrap: Made from butter-soft, full grain cowhide. It features eight 4-inch deep pockets – six 21/4-inch wide and two 1-inch wide – for shellfish knives of varying sizes. Secures with attached leather ties.

Dish Towel: Screenprinted with the Ae Home compass rose, this 100% cotton dish towel, measuring 20”x26”, is perfect to fold into the palm of you hand and add extra protection to safely shuck shellfish, as well as cleaning up any messes. 

Shucking Glove: A necessity when it comes to shucking safety!

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